Madala Panji

Madala – Panji was recorded in the Telugu Language & preserved in the Manuscript Library in Madras, which speaks about the story regarding image of Nila Madhaba of Udra – desa (Orissa). It seems to have written during 14th century when the king Bhanuder(II) had newly installed the images after destruction made by Kalapahad.

The Puranic persons like Narada, Brahma etc. are found to be associated with the story, for which it cannot be taken as a reliable history of the origin of Jagannath. The name of king ‘Indradyumna’, who was supposed to be a worshipper of Vishnu, is not found in Madala – Panji. Therefore, it can be taken as pauranic rather than

historical document.

After the death of last independent king Mukundadev, Kalapahad invaded orissa & burnt the sacred wooden deities near river Ganga. After this the Delhi Emperor sent Manasingh to keep tranquil & peace in Utkal, during the region of Bhoi king Ramachandra, who inherited the ‘Gajapati’ title of Orissa. He organized the ‘Navakalebar’ for the second time by newly installing the images made of wood & then called ‘Daru – Brahma’ & most probably he had appointed a ‘Karan’ to write the daily affairs of Lord Jagannath in a ‘Panji’, which was being kept in the shape of ‘Mandal’ (Drum) & thus that sacred temple record was called by the name “Mandala – Panji”

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