Phases Of Bhogs


Daily 88 types of Bhog are prepared in different phases, on special occasions and during festivals the number of items increases. Rasagollas are not allowed for Bhog except during Suna Vesha while the Deities remain on Rath after returning from Bahuda Yatra.

Daily Bhogs are offered in 6 phases as per the following tentative time and items.

Except Gopal Ballav Bhog and Bhog Mandap all other 4 bhogs are offered near the Ratnabedi in side the frame of

Phokaria which is being drawn by the Puja pandas using Muruj.

Gopal Ballav Bhog is offered in between Kalahat Dwara (Chama or Bijaya Dwara) and 1st wooden bar on the Anasara Pindi (Ballav Pindi) but the Bhog Mandap Bhog are offered on Bhoga Mandap behind the Garuda Khumba (Pillar).

Gopal Ballav Bhog, Bhog Mandap Bhog, Bada Singhar Dhup – Through 5 Upchars

Sakal Dhup, Madhyan Dhup, Sandhya Dhup – Through 16 Upchars

Bhogas are of Two Types.

1. di – Which are not offered in name of “Phokharia”. Generally the items like Rice, curry,Dal etc are offered in Kodua.
2. uli – varities opf sweets are presented near Ratnabedi. All the Bhogs are made in 6 tastes except bitter taste in 4 cookong process.

Cooking Process are of 4 Types.

1. Bhima Pak – badi Tiana, guda Khuar, Pakal Nadia Rasa, Pura Pitha, Biri Bara, Guda Kanji
2. Nala Pak – Sakar Tiana, Lapara Tiana, Adanga and variety of Pana.
3. saur Pak – Dudha, Mahur, Alubhaja, Kadali Bhaja, Ada Pachedi, Ghee and glove mixed cake.
4. Sauri Pak – Muga Tiana, Leutia, Koshala, Madhur Lalita Saga and

4 types of Rice which are

a) Sali Arna,b) Khirarne,c) Curd Arna, d) Cold Arna.

All the cooking process made by Chullas which are of hexa gonal sizes and only the wood is allowed for this purpose. For each Chulla, earthen pots named Kuduas are used in 6 layers. The holy fire is always continues and called Baishnabagni. In the kitchen the cooking can be made for about one lakh people at a time. The prepared items are only boiled. Used excess water (Peja) are also not dragged out. About 30 to 70 Quintals of Rice used daily, on special occasions the quantity of Rice exceed more than 100 Quintals. The following vegetables are not used for the cooking purpose. They are Potato, Boiled Rice, Dried Chilli, Oil, Bitter guard (Kalara), Cabbage, Onion, Garlic, Snake gourd (Chhachindra), Gourg (Lau), Ladys Finger (Bhendi), Tomato, Jhudangas, Sajana Chhuin, Milk made Sugar, Been, Carrot (Gajar) etc.

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