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You can Have Chenna Poda and Ghuguni in-Flight Menu

Great News for Odia Travelers from Bhubaneswar to Delhi, Now you can Enjoy Ghuguni, Chhena Poda, Chhena kofta and Machha Tarakari while flying to Delhi. Vistara, has introduced Odia cuisines in the in-flight menu for the first time in its Delhi-Bhubaneswar flights.

For the Odia travellers, it seems that the way to their heart is indeed through their stomach. The non-Odia travellers, too, appreciated the novel menu. “I enjoyed the in-flight food. They served me something like an Odia sweet dish similar to a cake, and it was wonderful. When I asked what was the name, the flight attendants told me that it was chhena poda,” said D.K. Verma, a businessman based in Bangkok. Verma is visiting Odisha for the second time on a business trip.

Other players such as Air India, IndiGo and GoAir, on the other hand, have a standardised menu with no stress on the local flavour. Both the lunch and dinner and the snacks of all three players consist of a menu with pan-Indian dishes. Snacks mostly include samosa, various types of sandwiches, wraps, south India snacks, vegetarian biryani, soups, juices, nuts, cookies, popcorn and murukkus (rice-based south-Indian fried snack). “Our menu includes only pan-Indian food stuff, and we never found any necessity to add local cuisine in the menu since travellers might not belong to the cities of travel,” said Air India station manager, Bhubaneswar, Tapas Ray.

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