Surendra Mohanty

Born in the year 1920. In the post – Independent Odia story literature he is known as unrivaled story writer. He has created valuable stories from the unknown pages mythology, history and ‘Buddha Jataka’. These have been adorned in modern Oriya story telling. His creations are KRUSHNACHUDA, MAHA NAGARIRA RATHI, CHHUTI O CHANDRA, MARALARA MRUTYU, SHISHAKABITA, DURASIMANTA, OH CALCUTTA, KABI O NARTAKI, SABUJA PATRA O DHUSARA GOLAPA, MANSARA KONARKA, SURENDRA SANCHAYANA, SURENDRA BICHITRA, NILA SHAILA, ANDHA DIGANTA and other stories bear the memorial of his success as a reputed story writer.

He was President of ODISHA SAHITYA AKADEMI from the year 1981-1987. He has received Sahitya Akademi Award for his creations like ‘NILA SHAILA, SABUJA PATRA O DHUSARA GOLAPA. In the year 1980 he got Sharala Award for his book, KULABRUDHA. In year 1987 he got Sahitya Akademi Award for his book ‘PATH O PRUTHIBI, the biographical literature. Died on    21-12-1990.



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