Sakshigopal Temple

ଶାଖିଗୋପାଳ ମନ୍ଦିର

Sakshigopal Temple2

The statue of Lord Krishna, brought by King Unmadhab from the banks of the Yamuna River, was erected in Vrindavan. Later, the idol came from Vrindavan to witness for a Brahmin Brahmin from Vrindavan, stayed in Kanchi and never returned to Vrindavan and was worshiped under the name of Sakshigopala. Later, the king of Odisha, Purushottamdev, conquered Kanchi and brought Lord Sreesakshigopala with him to Puri. From Puri to Barabati Fort in Cuttack, from Barabati Fort to Rathipur in Khordha and later to Kantalbai, the Lord was transferred. In the end, the idol of the Lord was erected near the Bhogmandapa of the Puri temple. Shortly after the establishment of the Sakshigopala Sreejagnath Temple, King Ramchandra Dev’s dream came to Sreejagnath – Sakshigopala was sitting next to Bhogbhuha and making all our sweets, such as our cakes, in advance, and we were fasting. The king’s sleep was immediately disturbed, and the king became very anxious. While the king was in such a state of turmoil, a monk named Baba Brahmachari went to the king and said, “O Rajan …” This dham is exactly like Vrindavan Dham.

King Sri Ramachandra Deva, at the suggestion of Baba Brahmachari, first established a temple near Siddhabalaram in this natural forest and installed Sreesakshigopala in this natural forest. The present temple was later built. Sri Krishna remained as Sakshigopala in Sakshigopala, and Sriradha remained in Vrindavan. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. From time to time, Priya Sriradha was born as the human Priya Lakshmi at the house of Beleshwar Mohapatra, the eldest son of Sreesakshigopala in Sevaksahi. Lord Sakshigopala leaves the temple on the third night of the night and meets Lakshmi at Lakshmi’s residence. Bakulban, known as Gupta Vrindavan, clashes with Lakshmi. Most of the time, the Lord’s flutes, night robes, and hair were found in Lakshmi’s bed, and the king tortured Badpanda by calling him a thief. Badpanda became helpless in the Beleshwar massacre and took refuge in Sakshigopala. The devotee Lord Lord Sakshigopala said to the king in a dream … O Rajan! Badpanda is innocent, my dear Radha was born in her house as Lakshmi. Make a golden statue of Lakshmi as soon as possible and establish it with me. According to the Lord’s dream order, King Gadjat brought some skilled craftsmen from the Ranpur area and made a golden statue like Lakshmi. Lakshmi has been bedridden since the day the statue was built. Lakshmi Ehlila celebrated while the statue was being given life. At the behest of Lord Sakshigopala, the body of his beloved Lakshmi was cremated in front of the Sakshigopala temple. A Mahabir temple was later erected at Lakshmi’s tomb to commemorate the legend. Seeing Lakshmi as Radhika, Sreesakshigopala’s long-cherished dream came true. As Thakur was a westerner, wheat was consumed instead of food. Like the women of the West, her feet were covered with a sari worn by Goddess Sriradha throughout the year. After a few days like this, some of the servants judged that Thakurani Sriradha came to our Orissa as a human being Priya Lakshmi and remained in Satyavadi but one day Helet Oriya did not dress up. Finally, it has been decided that the birthday of Priya Lakshmi, a human being worshiped as Radha, will be celebrated on the ninth day of the holy month of Kartik. At times, the Thakurani Kaniya kills Kacha, resulting in devotees visiting the two footsteps of the Thakurani, who are covered in sari all year round. On this day, Gopal is adorned with sandalwood, with a gold crown on his head, a golden flute on his hand in a Natwar costume, and Radha on a necklace with a sword, a necklace, a jhuntia, a kundal, a chapsari sebati necklace, a noth, a guna and anla.

Kartikmas Shuklapaksha Nabithithi is known as the holy Ala Nabami or Dhatri Nabami and Sriradha Padarshan Yatra. Devotees visit the Radha’s feet once a year on the ninth day of the year, covered in cloth. That is why this day is known as Radhapad Darshan. Sakshigopala’s pilgrimage is the second major pilgrimage to Puri after the Puri Rath Yatra. Lakshminarayana of Thakur Sri Gopaljiu and Thakurani Sri Radharani is celebrated at the Sakshigopala temple on the eleventh day of Kartik Shuklapaksha. Throughout the year, Sreejee is made to make offerings made from wheat products. On this day, the local main crop is made from rice and chudaghasa.




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