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Sabitri Brata 2016 date in Odisha | Tithi | Puja Process | Puja Time

Sabitri Brata in Odisha Date is 4th June 2016

Amavasya Tithi Begins = 11:49 on 4/Jun/2016
Amavasya Tithi Ends = 08:29 on 5/Jun/2016

Sabitri Brata is observed by married women in Odisha and eastern parts of India for the well-being of husbands.

Sabitri Brata fasting is from sunrise to sunset. An important event on the day that all married women compulsorily take part is the reading of the Sabirti Brata Katha (story of Savitri).

Odia Festival Sabitri Brata

According to legend great Sabitri tricked Lord Yama, the lord of death, and compelled Him to return the life of her husband Satyawan. Hence Married women observe Vat Sabitri Vrat for well-being and long life of their husband.

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