Rituals of Srimandir


A few temples found in and out side Puri Town , connected with rituals of Srimandir are mentioned below. The Visitors are advised to visit these temples in addition to Srimandir and offer their worshippings.

1. The Pancha Pandavs – There are 5 important Shiva Temples in this holy town which are known together as Pancha Pandava. Those temples are Sri Lokanath, Sri Jameswar, Kapalamochana, Markandeswar, and Sri Nilakantha.

a) Sri Lokanath Temple – This Temple is ranked next to the Jagannath Temole. In anicient time Puri was also a seat of Saiva worship. Legend says that the Linga of the Lokanath Temple was installed by Lord Rama. This Linga remains sub merged in water throughout the year and is visibly joinly on the night of Pankodhar Ekadasi before the Sivaratri. When the water is bailed out to enable thousand of devotees to see and worship the Lord. Lord Lokanath’s Bije Pratimais in the Sri Jagannath Temple known as Bhandar Lokanath. He is the guardian deiety of Temple Treasure house. Lokanath is associated with Jagannath in several rituals like Shivaratri, Chandan Yatra, Sital Sasthi etc.

b) Jameswar Temple – this temple is situated at about a Km from the Jagannath Temple is connected with the rituals of Chandan Yatra, sagar Bije, Ashram Bije, Sital sasthi, Champak Dwadasi etc.

c) Kapalamochana Temple – situated at the south west of Sri Jagannath Temple in the Manikarnika Street, This temple has connection with certain rituals of Srimandir as Chandan Yatra, Sitala sasthi, etc.

d) Markandeswar Temple – Situated in the Markandeswar street by the side of the Markandeswar Tank to the north of Jagannath Temple. It is connected with the rituals of Chandan Yatra, Balabhadra Janma, Asram Bije, sitalasasthi, Kaliyadalan etc. of the Jagannath temple. There are ancient stone inscriptions in the temple pertaining to the gange Dyansity.

e) Nilakantha Temple – situated to the bank of the Indradyumna Temple to the north east of Gundicha Ghar. It is connected with Chandan Yatra, sitalasasthi rituals . There are some other Nilakantha Temples which has connection with Nabakalebar Ceremony.

2. Nrusingha Temple – Near Gundicha Mandir and related to Nabakalebar ceremony.

3. Mausima Mandir – situated almost the mid way of the Grand road, a small temple of the Goddess Ardhasini otherwise called as Mausima of Lord Jagannath. On the return car festival day Poda Pitha bhog is offered to Jagannath.

4. Alamchandi Temple – Situated in the Kumbharpada area and connected with the Saptapuri, Makar Sankranti, and Nabakalebar rituals.

5. Narayani Temple – Situated in Dolamandap Street . During the Ouja for 16 days in the month of Ashwini the images of Durga and Madhav from Srimandir visit this temple for a period of 8 days.

6. Dakshinakali Temple – The goddess Dakshinakali plays an important role in the “Niti” of Saptapuri Amavasya.

7. Bedi Hanuman – This temple is on the sea shore of Balukhanda area and is connecred with Pana Sankranti ritual of Jagannath Temple.

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