Odisha’s ‘Mudhi’ to be a part of global ‘Make in India’ campaign

Odisha’s ‘Mudhi’ to be a part of global ‘Make in India’ campaign

Img Src – Subhashish Panigrahi

Odisha’s Most Favourite Snack “Mudhi” is now going to be a part of the Global ‘Make in India’ Campaign.

Mudhi has been selected among 12 traditional dishes from different states under the ‘Make in India’ flagship program of the Centre.

Other then Mudhi the other dishes of India that have been selected are Hyderabadi ‘Biryani’,  ‘Gushtaba’ of Kashmir, chicken curry of Punjab, Khaakhra’ and Khandvi of Gujarat, Bamboo steam fish of south India, Vada and Medhu Vada of south India, Khaja and Inarsa of Bihar and Kabab of Uttar Pradesh and Puran Poli of Maharashtra.

Mudhi the rice popcorn though is mostly consumed in north Odisha and especially in Mayurbhanj district, but it is consumed across the country in different names. Mudhi is also used as a popular snacks in other states in various names and tatse like Bhelpuri, Jhalmudhi, Uggani, Mandaki and Parmal.

“We have been eating mudhi since childhood and it can be consumed at any time as breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. Even in community feasts mudhi is an integral part and mudhi-mansa is one of the most popular items across the state. I am really proud and happy that mudhi got this recognition and would be promoted globally,” said odia film director Gadadhar Putty, who belonged to Mayurbhanj district.

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