New Year’s Day Celebrations Around the Globe

New Years eve in London 2019

Just another year is knocking at the door, everyone is curious to welcome the New Year 2019. New Year is a chance to start a new, forgetting the past. People from  all regions of the world  are eagerly waiting to celebrate the New Year’s Day. Well,  it all starts one night before the New Year’s day, i.e. on 31st December. Otherwise called as New Year’s eve is the mostly celebrated occasion through out the world.  In this article, we will discover the ways in which New Year’s day is celebrated all round the world.

 Celebrations outside India

The new year’s day is the most celebrated  occasion  in all over the world. Australia due to its  geographical location close to the international dateline, enjoys the New Year’s day first. New years Day celebration in Australia starts with  heralded fireworks  at the Sydney Harbour where  1 million and more people watch the fireworks.  As  the new year’s day is declared  a public holiday in Australia,  people celebrate the eve  arranging small parties,  champagnes  and beer.  Horse racing is a popular event  arranged during New Year’s day.

New Years Eve Sydney 2019

 In the United States  the celebration of new year starts with  colorful fireworks  in Chicago.  The Americans rejoice themselves by arranging parties,  functions and exchanging gifts among them.  Somewhere parades are  observed and football matches are  played.

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New Year 2019 in Chicago

The New  Year eve fireworks light up central London every New Year’s Eve with a dazzling spectacle of pyrotechnics. Streets of London are bright fully decorated  with lots of lights and parties functions are arranged. Parades are also marched to  remember some of the Great personalities.

Happy New Year Wishes in Odia Language 2019

New Years eve in London 2019

 Celebrations in India

 Adopted by western culture,  Indians also follow the Gregorian Calendar and celebrate the new year’s day on 1st of January.  In almost all the  areas of India celebrate the new years Eve till midnight of 31st December  and merge on  with the new year’s day.

New Year 2019 celebration in Goa

Indians wish  each other on this day and gather for parties and feasts.  Loud music, dance, games, favorite dishes, wine are all those make the  new  year’s day  so special.  They welcome  the new year by  lightning  the roads,  decorating the houses,   bursting crackers and arranging other events.  Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kerala are some of the  coolest places to enjoy the New Years party.  Families usually  love to spend time together by  going for shopping,  watching movies in theatres,  travelling for a picnic and even cooking delicious foods in their houses.

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 Celebrations in Odisha

Odisha the state of rich culture and great brotherhood is  never stays back when it comes to celebrate  the new year’s day  on 1st January every year.  The party starts from the Midnight of December 31st with loud music, crackers,  delicious foods and drinks.  Clubs,  hotels and restaurants are  pre booked  for the celebrations.  Decorated with lights, flowers the  streets look beautiful and people gather with  friends and relatives  to enjoy the New Year.  People usually  go to temples and pray for a  successful year ahead.  Games, movies,  picnics, feasts,   drink parties and functions are common during the new year’s day.

Daringbadi 2019 New Year

The world having billions of diversities ties up  everyone in a single piece of thread through the celebration of the new years day.  Although the way of celebrating  varies  in every region but the purpose remains the same.  New Year’s day is celebrated both  to Remember the past year that has provided us sweet and salty memories and to welcome a new year with all our heart.

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New Year Celebration in Odisha 2019

 With arriving New Year may  The Almighty bless you all with prosperity,  growth,   health, wealth, success, love  and everything you want.  Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019!




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