Navakalebar is the periodical renewal of the wooden images of Sudarshan, Balabhadra, subhadra and Jagannath. When The Darus (Neem Tree) of different deities are characterized by different features. They are distinguished from each other and from the other commodities.The tree of Sudarshan is plotted first which is followed by the tree of Bhalabhadra, Subhadra and Jagannath in order. These features are given below.
Nabakalebar is performed when double Ashadha month happen to come in a year . Generally it occurs on 8th or 11th or 19th year of the previous Nabakalebar.

There are two types of Nabakalebar:

1. Change of Icon along with replacement of Brahma (Generally).
2. Sri Angaphita – during this type of Nabakalebar the idols are not changed nor the Brahma is replaced , only the body of the Icons are repaired.

Types of Sevakas engaged for the collection of Daru:

Daitapati – 20 to 30 members.
Sui Mohapatra – 3 Members.
Pati Mohapatra – Bidyapati Brahmin 1no.
Lenka -who holds the Sudarshan Chakra-1 No.
Deula Karana – 1 No.
Brahmin – 10 to 12 Nos.
Guard – 4 Members.
Carpenter – 4 Members and some labor for cart and other works.


1. The tree should have three branches.
2. The bark of the tree should be barkish.
3. the tree should have a sign of Chakra with a small depression in the middle.

Balabhadra :-

1. The tree should have Seven Branches.
2. The skin of the tree should be light brown or white color.
3. It should have a sign of plough and pestle etc.
4. Near by tree there should be a heritage and also a graveyard etc.


1. The tree should have 5 branches.
2. The bark should be yellowish.
3. There should be a sign of Lotus flower with 5 petals.


1. the tree should have 4 main branches.
2. The bark of the tree should be dark in color.
3. The tree should be the sign of Sankha and Chakra.
4. There should be a cremation ground near the tree.
5. There should be an out hill near the tree and a snake hole at the roots of the tree.
6. There should not be nests of birds on the tree and no bird have ever perched over the tree.
7. The tree should be near the river or a pond or a crossing of the three ways or else to be surrounded by 3 mountains.
8. The tree should not stand alone but be surrounded preferably with the trees of Varuna, Sahada, and Belva.
9. There should be a temple dedicated to Shiva in the neighbourhood.
10. There should be some heritage near by.
11. The tree should be free from Parasite plants and Creepers.

Navakalebara During 20th Century:

The followings are the lists of Darus collected from the following areas in the following years.

1912, 16th july-Prataprudrapur-Niali-Polar Mahal-Fategarh
1931, 17thJuly-Gabapada-Satwikpur-Niali-Kakatpur
1950,16th july-Khadihara-Nuapatna-Durgeswar-Jalarpur
1969,16th july-Champajhar-Bhakar Street-Kanhupur-Balara Village
1977,18th july-Raychakradharpur-Bhogeswar-Baraboi-Niali
1996,17th july-Dadhimachhagadia-Ramakrishnapur-MaladaVillage-Bisoidih

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