Mausi Maa Mandir


Mausi Maa Mandir2

Mausi Maa Mandir (also known as Mausima Deul and Ardhashani Mandir) is a temple in Puri, Odisha. It is located on the left near Balgandi as it heads towards the Jagannath Temple at Puri Baddanda. The presiding deity is Debu Mausi Ma (Ardhashani) Jagannath. Earlier, elephants bathed in the river. People used to call him a stronghold and now he is known as a stronghold. In the past, the chariots of the great lords came and stopped here and rested for a while. The idols crossed the river and rode in chariots on the other side to the Gundicha temple. When he returned, he had a tradition of feeding his aunt Ma Jagannath with a cake. Just like Subhadra Devi Kang to see her mother. It is a famous temple in the city of Puri.




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