Mattress n More – Answer to your quality sleep

Mattress n More – Answer to your quality sleep

Mattress n More – Answer to your quality sleep –  On average, we spend around one third of our lives in bed and every single night we perspire out about ½ a pint of sweat. That’s a lot of sweat, especially considering that we replace our mattresses only after having slept on it for hundreds, if not thousands, of nights in a row.

On top of the sweat and dust that mattresses pick up there’s also dirt, food crumbs, other spills, blood, soil, and who knows what that accumulates on our beds. People rarely clean their mattress, if at all, they’re hard to clean!

Mr. Sibraj (the founder of Mattress n More) faced same question from various loyal customers while selling quality mattress in last 7 years. He was not clear about the answer even after digging out different solutions to the question. He finally met with Ajay Nanda (founder of 22 bikes) at a Start-Up get together, who guides him in setting up mattress cleaning and sanitizing facility.

“Mattress n More” services is one of the most advanced home sanitizing services in Bhubaneswar and first of its kind in the State. “Mattress n More” ensures pests like dust-mites, bed bugs, silver fish, bacteria and other allergens can be purged from deep within the mattress, sofa, carpet, blanket, pillow, chairs, curtains without the use of any harmful chemicals, or fumes.

Sanitizing ensures more durability through its service. They started with mattress cleaning initially and later on added Sofa cleaning services and carpet cleaning services into their basket of offerings.

Several well established organizations in Bhubaneswar like; hotel The Crown, Upasana, Keshari, retail outlet Nimantran Jewellers, Vision Care, corporate offices of Kurl-On and Encore Consulting hires “Mattress n More” services to keep their beds and sofa clean and passing comforts to guests.

About people’s response on new venture Mr. Sibraj said, he started selling mattress in 2009 and sanitizing as well as cleaning services in 2015. It is the most successfully run sanitizing company in Bhubaneswar. Thanks to all his customers who believed in their service.

Now you know where to clean your Mattress as well as Sofa and Carpets. Try the service today and be rewarded with a better night’s sleep! To know more visit the website :

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