Maa Kalijai Temple

ମା କାଳିଜାୟୀ ମନ୍ଦିର

Maa Kalijai Temple

The Kalijai Temple is located on a small island in Lake Chilika in Odisha. Covered in a sheet of blue water, the sanctuary is known as a historical legend of Odisha tourism. Mother Kalijai is worshiped on the island, which is covered with about 29 acres of hills. Kalizai is a special attraction of Chile. Millions of people come here every year to visit their mother. The famous Makar Mela is held at Kalijai Peeth on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. The January festival is the only popular festival in the country. Thousands of devotees from the surrounding area gather at the festival. According to legend, Kali and Jai are two separate forms of the mother. While Ma Kali was the direct presiding deity of Hinduism, Jai was an ordinary girl from the local area. Who was once immersed in the deep ravines of Chile. Another island, Parikud, was on its way to marry his father when he was hit by a tornado. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Jair’s father and sailor were later found dead, but no trace of Jair was found. Shortly after the incident, it was reported that sailors passing by could hear Jair’s cries. So gradually he began to remember her in times of danger, calling her mother Kali. According to historical records, Ma Kalijai’s temple was built in 1717 by King Jagannath Mansingh of Parikudar. Since then, the mother has been worshiped there as the presiding deity. Millions of people depend on Lake Chilika for their livelihood. Every day they have to go deep into Chile to collect fish and various other items. It is believed that the mother protects the fishermen from various storms in times of danger. Therefore, Chilean fishermen worship her as a goddess. To get to Kalijai, first by road from the capital Bhubaneswar to Balugaon is about 91 km. Have to go through. It is then 18 km from Balugaon. The remote Kalijai has to be traversed by water. There are various launchers and boats available for this.




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