ଲଲିତ୍ ଗିରି


Lalitgiri (also known as Nalitgiri) is a collection of some of the major and oldest Buddhist stupas in Odisha and Bihar. It is an ancient monument like Ratnagiri in Odisha. Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri are part of the old Pushpagiri University. According to ancient discipline, its historic name was Madhavpur Mahabihar.

A museum has been set up here with the remains of Gautama Buddha. In addition, many other archaeological sites have been placed here for public viewing. In 1985-92, it was the ASI. Was excavated extensively. The remains of a large stupa, chondalite, stalite, gold, and an ancient base made of silver, are found here. During the excavations of Lalitgiri between 1985 and 1992, a large number of statues of Buddhist idols and Buddhism came to the fore. One Thai and four Pharaohs were found inside one of the stupas. Among the first pharaohs made of khandelite stone was a pharaoh made of statite, a pharaoh made of silver, and a gold pharaoh. Among the last gold pharaohs was the body of Gautama Buddha. The four pharaohs are now in the Bhubaneswar office of the Archaeological Survey.




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