Koilighughar waterfall

Koilighughar waterfall

Koilighughar waterfall2

Koilighughar is a tourist destination in Jharsuguda district of Odisha. On the National Highway 200 from Gobindpur to Jharsuguda Raipur Road, you reach the Koilighughar Falls. 6 km from the national highway to the forest road. The village of Gobindpur is about 20 km from Belpahar town. The height of the Koilighughar waterfall is about 200 meters. It is located near Kusumelbahal village in Lakhanpur. The small river that flows out of the waterfall is called the Ahiraj. It comes from the Chukchanch forest. After the water falls, it flows into the river. The place is full of natural beauty and attracts many tourists. Shibboleths appear in the middle of the waterfall. That is often the case because of waterlogging. So another shibboleth was erected near the reservoir and the temple was built. Shivaratri is celebrated as the biggest festival at the Maheshwarnath Temple at Koilighughar. In addition, during the month of Shravan, a large number of Bollywood devotees come here every Monday to worship. Due to its natural beauty and waterfall, Koilighughar is a popular picnic spot in Jharsuguda and the nearby twelve districts. Every year during the picnic season (December-January) a large number of schools, colleges and unique institutions come here for the picnic. The picnic here is very enjoyable due to the ease of transportation and the recent availability of fake news.




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