Horn Work

Horn Work

Horn articles of Odisha are mystical and are blended with a superb fashion design. Their lively appearance, dynamism and animation vie with the real objects of nature – that spells the names of Parlakhemundi and Cuttack. There are artisans in Odisha who are dexterous in providing articles of daily use like combs, flower vases and pen-stands out of the horn of cattle. The horn is polished smooth, and then shaped into various Corms. Cranes, lobsters, scorpions and birds made of horn are finished to a nicety. Their surface throws off a dark somber sheen and the catch the attention of all art-lovers. The horns, that are mostly from buffaloes and cows require a high degree of skill and imagination in application. The artisans who excel in this art have used the specific texture of this material t mold all sorts of objects with a marvelous degree of fluidity in movement.




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