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Founders of Top 8 Religions in World

Founders of Top 8 Religions in World

Shankaracharya – Founder of Sanatan Religion

Shankaracharya Founder of Sanatan Religion

Shri Chaitanya – Founder of Vaishnavism Religion

Shri Chaitanya - Founder of Vaishnavism Religion

Ramanuja – Founder of Vaishnavism Religion

Ramanuja - Founder of Vaishnavism Religion

Guru Nanak – Founder of Sikhism Religion

Guru Nanak - Founder of Sikha Religion

Muhammad – Founder of Islamism Religion

Muhammad - Founder of Islam Religion

Jesus – Founder of Christism Religion

Jesus - Founder of Christ Religion

Buddha – Founder of Buddhism Religion

Buddha - Founder of Buddhism Religion

Mahavir – Founder of Jainism Religion

Mahavir - Founder of Jainism Religion




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