Dr Pratibha Ray

Born on 21-01-1944. She is eminent story writer and novelist. She obtained her Ph.D. Degree in educational Psychology. Her many stories and novels have been translated in English and other Indian languages and have been highly commended. She has received awards for her short stories and novels like Sahitya Akademi Award, Sarala Award and many other awards. Shrimati Ray is the recipient of prestigious Gnanapitha Murtidevi Award. She has earned the distinction and glory of being first Indian women poet and first Odia litterateur to receive Mutri Devi Award. More than forty books she has authored starting from story, novel travel story, children’s literature and research treatise have already been published.

Among her published novels, ‘BARSHA BASANTA BAISAKHA’, SHILA PADMA, UTTAR RAMAYANA, PUNYATOYA, ASHABARI, APARICHITA and ARANYA etc. are very popular. Her award winning novel ‘JAGNYASENI’ has created sensation in Oriya literature. It is learnt that more than ten thousand copies of ‘JAGNYASENI’ has already been sold. Many of her short stories have been filmatised and broadcast and telecast in All India Radio and Door Darshan. Her creation ‘Shila Kendra Sahitya Akademi for the book ‘Ullanghan’. In 1990 she has received Sarala Award for her book ‘Jagnyaseni’ (Yajnaseni). This novel has fetched her ‘Murti Devi’ Award. Recently she is doing her psychological research on the ‘crime instinct of Bonda tribes of Koraput of Odisha’.



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