Spheres & Devas

In Hindu religion we believe that the universe is mainly divided in 3 parts. Above the earth – SWARGA, Earth it self with it’s atmosphere, Martya and below the Earth Patal. Again these are sub divided to 7 each, the total being 21 layers or Lokas. It is also believed that some one from these Lokas are coming to see Lord Jagannath in disguise called Chhadma Besha.
Sl No–Loka–Believed to be present in the form or shape–During the Seba period they appear–Mode of action
1. Patalok- In the crowd with hising sound- Kaliya Dalan- Sevayat drops from the Singhasan
2. Talatal-Blind and Invalid-During any seva-Flower in hand
3. Pasatal-Child doing Kirtan- Rasa Purnima-Laughing from a long distance
4. Bital- In shape of Bird- Pahandi- To fly over chariot during Pahandi Ordinary People from all parts of world
5. Naraloka- Any kind of dress-During any seva
6. Mahatal- Shape of dog-If Bhog is not made with holy- No body knows about in coming and out going of the Bhog
7. Atal- In saint dress- Bada Sanhara Besha-With half closed eyes
8. Bhutal- In shape of Chamar Sevak-While cleaning near the Ratna Singhasan-They clean the Jagmohan
9. Pitrulok-When a devotee finds a person with resemblance to his father-In the morning during Mangala Arati-They offer respect in Namaskar pose
10. Matrulok-When a devotee finds a woman with resemblance to his mother-Mangala Arati-They offer respect in Namaskar Pose
11. Pretaloka-Person critises the deities-Any Time-Devotee with ugly figure
12. Bhutaloka-Persons critises the deities-Any Time-Persons with dirty dresses
13. Yakhyaloka-Devotees with decent dress-During Pahandi-They laugh among the crowd without any reason
14. Swargaloka-Body of the devotee smells like flower and the dark place becomes lighten- During the Bhogas are offered-Devine feeling without any person. Petals of flowers seen scattered on the floor
15. Dibyaloka-They enter through the medium of light and ray. The flame of Dipa sets off even without wind flow -During the Bhogas are offered-Auras of different colours fill the atmosphere
16. Kinnarloka-Dancing devotee-During evening Alati-The Astha Sakhies are decoratrd with flowers without Ornaments
17. Gandharbloka-The devotee pray Silently-During opening of Sahana -Along with devine sound, the sound of flute and OM is heard
18. Devaloka-Devotee with strange appearance-During different Vesha, Indra, Vayu, Varuna, Laxmi, Saraswati comes on every night-After deparature different flower seen scattered on the floor
19. Suraloka-Devotee with strong man appearance-While the Bhogas are carried on-They come in a huge for which the crowd is forcibly as
20. Biswaloka-Take birth as Sevayat-During all formalities and Puja of Srimandir-They serve the Brahmin with much devotion in shape of Sevayat
21. Golaka-Devotee with unrest mind-During Bada Sinhar, Sri Krushna comes him self with Gopis-More ladies are seen in the crowd. Mysterious sweet laughter in the air.

Apart from the above Spheres (Lokas), Devas from other Lokas are also Attend to pray:
1. Siva from Sivalok-As a sage with Trishul-On Snana Purnima
2. Bishnu Lok- – Chandan Yatra-As a common devotee with a big garland
3. Brahma Lok-Devotee recite Vedas in front of deities-Chandan Yatra-Devotee remain for 21 days
4. Asyra Loka- – During Mid Day Bhog-Demons in Physical dis figure
5. Yama Lok- -Dead body is found in temple premise

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