Brass & Bell Metal

Brass Bell Metal

The fine engravings on brass and bellmetal utensils, bronze bangles and pots are important aspects of Orissan art. Artifacts made of metal, particularly brass, find pride of place in the homes of Odisha. Beautiful lamps and lamp-stands are used during the worship of deities. Rice-measuring bowls made of brass are used in many homes. The artisans also make elephants and horses from brass and decorate them with intricate designs. Containers of brass for betel-chewers are designed both to be useful and ornamental. There are household articles and utensils made out of brass and bell metal and they are of different shapes and sizes. The brassware of Odisha reveals the high workmanship of the artisans and their flair for innovation. These products are cast in brass by lost – wax – process and display an intriguing wirework finish. The wax- work is done with great skill and meticulousness from wires of bees – wax. These pieces with their antique look go well with interior decor. The brass fish of Ganjam, with its elegantly decorative form and intricate pattern, represents a marvel of craftsmanship in sheet metal.




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