Bijay Biswaal – Artist from Odisha – Artwork on Indian Railways

Bijay Biswaal – Artist from Odisha – Artwork on Indian Railways

Bijaya Biswaal, who is a ticket examiner in Indian railway. Bijay Biswaal has captured the various facets of life in railways on paper using water colours, charcoal and pens.

His artwork quickly got viral attracting a lot of appreciation from the users and a special mention by PM Narendra Modi during his ‘Mann ki baat’ session.

Bijayananda Biswaal born in Pallahara, Angul in 1964.
Educational qualification: M.A. Political Science, Utkal University.

From Bijay Biswaal

From a sleepy remote village of Pallahara in Angul district of Odisha then move to Nagpur as I got railway job and posted here, artist is inside me and I breathe and feel every time inside me, color flowing always in my veins and pulsating throbbing to find expression.

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Nature is my muse, I am attached to nature. Hence, you will find its presence in most of my works. I am fascinated with facets of nature in all its forms. Earth, Sky, Water, Twisted trunks, jagged rocks, they all attract me from time to time. Of late rain soaked wet platforms of Indian railways have become my latest obsession.

A good painting ought to be like a fine poetry or a story or a song. That hunt you long after you have read it or heard it.

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