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Ananta Basudev Temple

Ananta Basudev Temple2

The Ananta Basudev Temple is a Hindu Vishnu temple located on the banks of the Bindusagara in Bhubaneswar. Chandrabati, the daughter of Bhimdev III, the third king of the Ganges dynasty, is said to have built the temple in 1278 AD. Adult idols of Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra are worshiped here. The seven-pointed statue of Ananta or Balarama is worshiped with a plow in his right hand and a torch in his left hand. In the hands of idols of Basudev or Krishna, shells, chakras, mounds and lotus are adorned. The statue of Subhadra stands on the developed lotus. On the west side, the three idols are worshiped standing on an altar. Sudarshan is located in the southwest corner of the temple as a statue and stone pillar of Matangi Mahalakshmi. There is a lion statue at the Lion Gate. As a side deity, pigs are worshiped in the south and dwarfs in the north. The gatekeeper is victorious. The temple enclosure includes Piddheul, Jagmohan, Nat Mandir and Bhogmandap. The temple is mentioned in the Ekamra Purana, Ekamra Chandrika, Swarnadi and Kapil Samhiti.



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