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37 moves for Successful Lord Jagannath Darshan at puri

Sri Jagannath Temple Parikrama

Puri commonly known as Sriksetra, Sankhaksetra, Nilachala, Nilagiri, Dasabatara Ksetra has been one of the main religious centres of India.

Every year millions of devotees visit the Famous Lord Jagannath Temple. This article explains the order that a devotee should undertake while paying his visit to Lord Jagannath temple, Puri.

1. Standing behind the Aruna Stamba one should look at the temple spere (Nila chakra) and the flag and pray.

2. Enter through the Lion’s gate and pay respect to Patitapavan a replica of Sri Jagannath on the right and Fate – Hanuman on the left.

3. Climb Baisi Pahacha and visit Kasi Viswanatha, Ramachandra and Narshima on the left.

4. Enter the inner enclosure (Kurma bedha) through twenty two steps traditionally known as the Baisi Paahacha.

5. Keep to the left and visit Agnisvar Mahadeva Temple (the protector of Agni of the Kitchen of the lord)

6. Left – Satyanarayana

7. Proceed on the see Bata Gopal, Bata Krishna, Bala Mukunda -atiny image sleeping on a banyan leaf.

8. Left – Hari Sahadeva (supervisor of Lrod Jagannatha’s Cattle stock)

9. Bata Bihari Jagannath (Bata Abakash)

10. Siddha Ganesa, Siddha vinayak, Sveta Ganesha

11. Proceed to  the right and take darsan of Bata Mangala

12. On the way left Paanchaa Pandava Siva (Markandeya, Lokanath, Kapaala Mochana, Nilakantha and Yambesvara)

13. Bata Mangala

14. Ananta Basudeva

15. Kutam Chandi

16. Proceed to see Muktimandapa, on the Side of Muktimandapa, Adi Narshima temple and to the last of Muktimandapa is the Muktesvara Temple.

17. Proceed toe see Rohini Kunda

18. Ganesha in front of Bimala Temple (South facing) Ganesh Image of this temple is dancing form representing various attributes and with eight hands.

19. Godess Bimala

20. Veni Madhaba

21. Sri Nanda Maharaj

22. Sri Rama Padapadma

23. Sri Sakhigopal

24. Bhadra Ganesa, Kanchi Ganesha, Brought by Purusottama Dev from Kanchi during his expedition to Kanchi.

25. Ekadasi Devi (in front of Bhadra Ganesa on the main Temple structure)

26. Khirachora Gopinath

27. Bhubaneswari, Saraswati, Sasthi, Sabitri, Gayatri (pancha sakhi temple)

28. Nilamadhava

29. Beda Kali

30. Lakshmi

31. Nabagraha

32. Suryanaryana Temple

33. Sri Rama Temple

34. Pataleswar Temple

35. Then approach the temple through the northern inner gate, climb seven stairs, stand behind the Garuda pillar and have a quick glimpse of the Lord, enter into the inner part Gravagrha to see the Lord from Near.

36. Come back to outside by the same gate, move to the extreme East and North corner, see Lord Satyanarayan and Maha Lakshmi face to face.

37. Enter Ananda Bazaar, take Mahaprasada and leave the temple through Simhadvar.

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