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10 Reasons why I don’t watch Odia Films

Odia Films Industry known as Ollywood is almost 80 years old Industry Starting from Sita Bibaha (year 1936) which is the first Odia film in the History of Odisha. The industry hard glorious years in the past.

I had been a follower of Odia films since a long time, there was a time when we had only 1-2 movies being released in a year. And now the number has reached to almost 30-40 movies a year.

And here goes the saddest part of the story – The Glorious past is gone. People often say present day movies has lost all its charm.

Here are a couple of reasons why I don’t watch Odia films any more. (Browse through the pages)

1. Originality is not our thing any more.

You call it copied or you call it inspired from, they both sounds the same to me. Most of the Ollywood movies these days are inspired from South Movies. Where is the Originality? Sometimes even getting inspired looks as a photocopy of the source.

2. Item Song is a Must.

Almost every Odia film these days will have an Item song. Why is it so much required?

3. Dressing Sense ???

Most of the Odia films have got such poor costume designs. I will not really blame the actors/actress as far as a movie is concerned, rather the costume designers – seems like they are still left way behind with their fashion sense. And on top of it I have seen a couple of movies where even the Costume has also been directly INSPIRED from south Indian movies along with the scripts.

4. Old School Comedians and their comedic character.

Comedy in Odia movies? Are you joking? I dont even remember the last movie that I had watched when I felt like laughing? All those comedy characters repeat in almost every movies with the same monotonous acting. And sometimes even the script writer is confused if he has written a comedy script or a Vulgar non veg ghisa pita absurd wannabe joke.

5. Villains Still appear with a background sound 

Have you ever observed the present Odia movies still carry a theme background music when the Villains appear on the screen?
Some Tunnnn Taaan or SHHHH sounds will be heard for sure as if we are not watching a movie rather listening to some radio drama and sound is just everything.

6. Why are some actors excessively rated and some completely under rated?

Oh common these days no one is looking for acting. Fans just love my action and romantic scenes the most.

7. No Social Message

There is absolutely no social message involved in our scripts. I still remember the movie Chamana atha Guntha, Haakim Babu oh my god I can never forget those movies. Such brilliantly done.

8. Same Cast and crew in multiple movies . (We are a family)

Almost same cast crew in multiple movies back to back, last year I was so confused for six months I saw almost same actor and actress poster on cinema theaters. Not just the lead characters but the whole cast and crew seemed to be the same. If by mistake you missed to follow the movie Title then you missed the game completely thinking that its the same movie released for the last 6 months.

9. Very Much predictable climax.

Almost every odia movies these days have got a very much predictable climax, just watch the movie for the first half and second half you don’t have to watch. Would have been better if Odia movies would have a facility of selling full ticket and half ticket.

10. The Chewing Gum Factor in Odia Movies.

Oh God please give me a break, some movies stretch, stretch and Stretch like anything, Almost every Odia movie is 3 hours of terrible pain. The moment you feel the movie will now end you will be surprised to be carried away by a song.

None of my intentions for this post was to insult or make anyone feel low. Being an Odia I would always love to watch and Odia movie on top of any other movies, that will make me feel proud too.

Almost everyone of today’s generation will realize my points to be valid may not be all but many of them. I really wish this post of mine to be witnessed by our present day Odia Directors/Producers/Actors/Actress and hopefully they can bring the change in Ollywood which would actually give us a reason to watch future Odia movies.

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